WARNINGS, Normal precautions to be taken AND instructions:


If you use this garment for skin to skin babywearing when standing up and moving, you need to take precautions :

WARNING - please READ ALL WARNINGS carefully before using. Failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions could result in death or serious injury

WARNINGSUFFOCATION HAZARD  Babies can suffocate in this product if the face is crushed against your body. Babies most at risk of suffocation include those born prematurely and those with respiratory problems.
Check often to make sure baby’s face is always uncovered,mouth and nose are always visible and never obstructed.

WARNING — For premature infants, low birth weight babies (less than 7lbs-3,5kg) and babies with medical
problems, always seek medical advice before using this product.

WARNING — Make sure baby does not curl into a position with the chin resting on or near baby’s chest. This position can interfere with breathing, even when nothing is covering the nose or mouth

WARNING — To avoid any risk of a fall, make sure that baby is always securely held inside inner "X", 3 layers of fabric must be spread over baby’s body and always cover the upper part of  his/her back & shoulders.

WARNING — If you use of the babywearing feature of this t-shirt when wearer is in a vertical & mobile position, use it with one healthy baby only, weighing from 5lbs (2,5 kg) up to about 15 lbs (7 kg).

WARNING — Do not babywear when cooking, drinking hot drinks, doing any sports, handling heavy
 objects, etc.
-Stay away from any heat sources or exposure to chemicals.
-Never babywear in your T-shirt while driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle

WARNING — Never force baby's arms & legs into an unusual position. Always hold baby's head when handling if your baby is not old enough to hold his / her head.

-When you position your baby into T-shirt, make sure you are in a safe place. If baby is agited, take the time to calm down before continuing.

-This T-shirt is not a baby carrier, don’t put it over another garment. Baby must be without garments (skin to skin) - or with very light garments to avoid excessive heat.

-Make sure baby’s airway is always clear and baby can breathe well, that baby's head and neck are not tilted too far back or forward/up or down.

-Position: baby should always be in vertical position, sitting inside inner "X". Head should be close enough to kiss.

-Stay tuned to baby’s needs (do not fall asleep). Use your common sense and your instincts to avoid any situation where a fall could occur. Pay attention to your new dimensions, especially door frames!

-Be careful of your movements and baby’s movements, which can change your balance. Stop babywearing when balance or mobility is impaired because of exercise, drowsiness, or medical conditions
Put a hand on baby if you have to make fast movement or you have to bend.

-Check for ripped seams or fabric, If found, stop using  the “babywearing feature” of your T-shirt and contact us: 438-289-1243 or toll free line 1-855-850-9279


The Skin-to-skin Kangaroo T-shirt fit is rather adjusted (required for good support!). It also features a built-in post-partum light support which improves the silhouette where needed.

-Try the garment before buying. It must follow the body, without being loose or being too tight. IMPORTANT: On the other hand, the inner support band must be tight on wearer’s belly, since it retains the baby from slipping down.

-If the garment fits well but the inner support band is not tight enough, it can easily be shrunk at the waist with a stitch or sewn dart.
For more details:info@vija-design.com

-New garment must be washed before wearing with baby. Wash with mild soap, cold or lukewarm water. Turn garment inside out to dry in dryer (delicate cycle) until it is still a little damp. Then hang to dry.the balance (your t-shirt will maintain a good appearance - advise good for all your cotton garments!).

-Always check that your T-shirt is in good condition before using its “skin to skin babywearing feature”. Seams must be well closed.

-Avoid leaving the garment under UV rays (sun) to prevent premature aging of cotton (good for all your cotton garments!).

NOTE: The Skin to Skin T-Shirt was designed for a single user / wearer. It is not recommended to buy it second hand.

-Put on your T-shirt like any other T-shirt. Nothing to tie. Replace neckline facing if they’re pulled out.

VIDEO: How to put baby in and take him/her out

-For breastfeeding, simply pull down front panel without pulling more than necessary, then pull up the side opening (inner “X”). You can open small or large, as you wish...  
Very discreet! (not suitable for breasfeeding whilst baby is in the t-shirt).

-To place baby inside your shirt, follow instructions (overleaf),
A bad position could tear your t-shirt and / or would not offer an adequate protection to your baby
Also make sure that baby’s head is always supported.

-Make sure garment is tight on body.



This garment is made of high density cotton / spandex jersey. For more information on this fabric and its maintenance/care, please click here.

* New garment, non-threadbare and non-broken only. This garment has been designed for a single user only. Garments more than two years old, or which have worn small tears should not be used to support a baby.

How to place the baby:

 Simply slip baby inside the front "X",  as a regular baby wrap. IMPORTANT: THE BABY MUST BE COMPLETELY INSIDE THE T-SHIRT, up to shoulder, sitting inside the "X", SKIN AGAINST SKIN, and not into the front pannel of the garment.



photo: courtesy of MareBearMom


For your information, the following label is affixed to the garment (you can use this as reference if the label is erased).